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The Room (imdb) is a movie in the “so bad it’s good” category. Not having seen it yet, just reading the reviews in imdb and seeing the clips on Mahalo Daily got me giddy with excitement. I love how the interviewer managed to keep a straight face throughout the interview, except at the very end.

Comment excerpts:

So Independent it’s Cinematic Masturbation!

The centerpiece of this filmic holocaust is Mr. Tommy Wiseau himself. Without him, it would still be the worst movie ever made, but with him it is the greatest worst movie ever made. Tommy has been described as a Cajun, a Croatian cyborg, possibly from Belgium, clearly a product of Denmark, or maybe even not from this world or dimension. All of these things are true at any one moment. He is a tantalizing mystery stuffed inside an enigma wrapped in bacon and smothered in cheese.
Brickyard Jimmy

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